Field Services & Maintenance

Reduce Your Costs As You Optimize Asset Management

In your business, time is always of the essence. Ensuring your customers have the services that they rely on 24/7 – be it communication, power or water – is critical and expected. Beyond inconvenience, disruption to these essential services can cause an array of challenges, including financial loss and reputational damage. In order to avoid these issues, your technical teams need to be able to get to where they need to be, safely and in a timely matter. Not to mention, ensuring that’s its all done in a compliant, cost-effective manner.

Pointer’s leading solutions provide the tools, services and information you need to effectively manage your light commercial vehicles and their drivers. Our management systems will help you optimize every aspect associated with the use of vehicles, and handles all basic workforce demands including planning versus actual; compliance (aligning drivers, regulatory requirements and tasks); unauthorized usage of vehicles; under-utilization of vehicles; and cross-handling of fuel information. We also supply you special SW tools for safety and fuel-efficient driving.

Maintain Fleet Performance and Compliance

Key Benefits

Pointer provides the full spectrum of functionality to manage your fleet and more. With our range of solutions, you’ll be able to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and manage security risk. Moreover, we’ll help you increase safety with compliance programs, driver training tools and performance scorecards along with the ability to measure their results.

Decision Making Tools — enabled by real time or historical data trends, you’ll be able to effectively manage field teams and minimize losses through fraud, misuse of vehicles, fuel theft and low productivity.

Increased Availability — with tools that ensure driver, technician and promoter management of overtime and other factors that impact availability.

Improved Drive Safety — driver feedback tools ensure compliance with the most rigorous global driver regulations, enhancing driver and vehicle safety

Reduced Fuel Fraud — the fuel module helps detect fuel fraud from identified variances.
Increased Reliability — automated scheduling of preventive maintenance ensures availability of vehicles

Effective Security – with one of the best stolen vehicle recovery records in the industry and 365/24/7 alarm response

An Immediate ROI

Right from the start, Pointer enables you to cut costs and gain control of your fleet utilization. From decreasing fuel consumption by reducing idling and revving and improving load management; through to proactive maintenance scheduling that ensures greater fleet utilization and less down time, you’ll be able to substantially save across your fleet and increase those savings over time.

Expert Support Enables You to Extract Maximum Benefit

Pointer takes on a consultative approach with our clients as we recognize that no two fleets are the same. Throughout the lifecycle of your fleet, you’ll have dedicated and experienced expert support that will proactively guide you on how to extract the maximum benefits and ROI from your MRM platform and best leverage insights provided by Pointer’s analytic software and hardware solutions.

To learn more how Pointer can provide an immediate ROI, increase savings and improve the efficiency and safety of your fleet contact your local Pointer representative.