Construction & Mining

When Safety And Security Is Priority

Rugged terrain, exposed environments and remote locations are all characteristics of construction and mining sites. Add to this heavy machinery; deadlines; long work hours; and strict regulations, making it necessary to ensure the safe and smooth running of work sites – lives can depend on it.

That requires tools that make daily operations more efficient, secure and safer. You need to eliminate as much potential for human error, have continuous monitoring and have complete transparency into what is happening, for every vehicle and piece of equipment, at all times. Moreover, you need the tools that make sense of all of the information and let you know what your next right step should be.

Safe, Efficient And Secure Operations

Key Benefits

Pointer provides you with tools to manage the fleet in your construction and mining sites, following the strictest safety protocols and regulations. With our range of solutions, you’ll be able to manage delivery cycles ensuring timely actions so you can meet deadlines. And you’ll be able to improve and maximize equipment utilization. With Pointer, you’ll be able to effectively monitor and manage cranes, generators, pumps, concrete and aggregate mixers and more.

Intelligent Vehicle Control — via mapping of site roads and the ability to program road sector speed and other parameters by area. The system can also intelligently control speed and other settings for different types of vehicles.

Enhanced Driver and Vehicle Safety —  with a variety of tools including monitoring driver behavior and providing feedback in real time to the control room with optional in-cab feedback for the driver.

Improved Scheduling — of all activities, including arrival and departure times, and the duration of events, which helps ensure you meet your deadlines

Reduced Risk — with the ability to map high-risk areas and improve real-time management and safety of vehicles and drivers in these regions

Real-time Alerts — allow managers and service providers to identify situations and act in real time with drivers who are violating rules of the site or the business rules of the system

Expert Support Enables You to Extract Maximum Benefit

Pointer takes on a consultative approach with our clients as we recognize that no two fleets are the same. Throughout the lifecycle of your fleet, you’ll have dedicated and experienced expert support that will proactively guide you on how to extract the maximum benefits and ROI from your MRM platform and best leverage insights provided by Pointer’s analytic software and hardware solutions.

To learn more how Pointer can provide an immediate ROI, increase savings and improve the efficiency and safety of your fleet contact your local Pointer representative.