Increasing Operational Efficiency

Today’s technology allows us to collect a vast amount of data from every vehicle in your fleet.

Capturing it is one thing, creating actionable insights with it is where the real transformative value is.

Your tailored Pointer solution will provide you with:

  • Actionable insights that allow you to continually improve

  • Advanced reporting that correlates your data

  • Expert analysis of your data

  • Improved KPIs

  • Quick drill-down tools to get to the root cause of an issue

  • Increased visibility into your operations

With Pointer, you’ll have actionable insights (and not just raw data) so that you can continually increase your operational efficiency, which in turn goes straight to your bottom line performance.

Driver Safety & Compliance

We understand that your primary concern is to provide your customers with the service they’ve come to you for. That means transporting cargo on time, while ensuring your personnel’s safety. To get this done effectively, you need execute without hindrance.

Pointer safety and compliance tools informs you of things like when a driver exhibits poor driving patterns and alerts you to non-compliant hours of service.

This proactive approach enables you to:

  • Mitigate the risk that comes from damaging behavior

  • Maintain compliance

  • Reduce costs

  • Improve service

And we take things a step further. Together with your internal fleet safety officer, we’ll help you improve your training programs and provide driver-specific actionable insights to increase the safety of your entire fleet while maintaining your compliance.

Asset Security

Keeping your customers’ assets safe, along with your drivers and vehicles is one of the ways we measure our own performance. We’ve perfected tools that increase visibility of your fleet and the assets they carry, enabling them to consistently exceed the industry’s average recovery rates in every region we operate.

Our dedicated response centers will:

  • Locate your vehicles within meters

  • Immediately alert first responders to protect your assets and employees

  • Assist your team and drivers during and post event

Based on your needs and your customers’ profile, we’ll deploy the right asset security tools in order to mitigate the potential for robbery and theft. Additionally, in the event that theft has occurred, you’ll have the tools you need to effectively recover those stolen goods.

Fraud Mitigation

Unauthorized driving and trips, after work vehicle use and fuel fraud are common issues every fleet operator must deal with. Fraud of any type is costly and can substantially drain your fleet’s profitability.

Pointer will work with you to identify vulnerabilities in your operations, including:

  • Unauthorized vehicle use

  • Fuel sniffing

  • Fraudulent fuel purchases

  • Unaligned work hours

We’ll also enable you to integrate data from fuel card companies to prevent anomalies and ensure that service is provided to authorize vehicles only.

And once we’ve identified those vulnerabilities, we’ll suggest tools that work to eliminate them and the fraud.