Company Profile

20 years of rewriting MRM rules

For 20 years, we’ve been rewriting the rules for Mobile Resource Management (MRM). In this time, we’ve come to intimately understand the needs of the market and have developed the tools, technology and services that respond to them. True mobile resource management is about more than providing data and statistics; it’s about continuously analyzing all of the incoming data and making sense of it.

Our innovative and reliable cloud-based software platform extracts and captures all of your organization’s critical data points – from your office, drivers, routes, points-of-interest, logistic-network, vehicles, trailers, containers, and cargo. It then takes the next and most important step, and analyzes it, converting raw data into valuable information. What you get are actionable insights. The kind that substantially impact your bottom line to help you not only sustain your business, but profitably grow it.

We understand that no two fleets are alike. And that every customer of ours is unique and treated as such. They are our partners and assigned their own dedicate analyst whose singular task is to enhance the value of their business. That enables us to deliver precisely the information they require and that makes a real impact.

It’s our commitment and market-focused approach that allows us to help our customers reduce costs, protect assets, gain efficiencies, improve resource utilization, minimize fraud and most importantly: save lives by preventing accidents.