About Us

More than 30 years of rewriting MRM rules


Providing you with Increased visibility into your operations and actionable insights, allowing you to continually improve.


Informing you on drivers’ poor driving patterns and alerting you to non-compliant hours of service.


Increasing visibility of your assets to mitigate the potential for robbery and theft, while providing you with the tools you need to effectively recover those stolen goods.


Identifying vulnerabilities in your operations and providing tools to eliminate them and the fraud.

For more than 30 years, we’ve been rewriting the rules for Mobile Resource Management (MRM). In this time, we’ve come to intimately understand the needs of the market and have developed the tools, technology and services that respond to them. True mobile resource management is about more than providing data and statistics; it’s about continuously analyzing all of the incoming data and making sense of it.

Our innovative and reliable cloud-based software platform extracts and captures all of your organization’s critical data points – from your office, drivers, routes, points-of-interest, logistic-network, vehicles, trailers, containers, and cargo. It then takes the next and most important step, and analyzes it, converting raw data into valuable information.
What you get are actionable insights. The kind that substantially impact your bottom line to help you not only sustain your business, but profitably grow it.

The Pointer Advantage

Capturing it is one thing, creating actionable insights with it is where the real transformative value is. It’s our commitment and market-focused approach that allows us to help our customers reduce costs, protect assets, gain efficiencies, improve resource utilization, and minimize fraud.

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About Powerfleet

Powerfleet (NASDAQ: PWFL; TASE: PWFL) is a global leader of internet of things (IoT) software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that optimize the performance of mobile assets and resources to unify business operations. Our data science insights and advanced modular software solutions help drive digital transformation through our customers’ and partners’ ecosystems to help save lives, time, and money. We help connect companies, enabling customers and their customers to realize more effective strategies and results. Powerfleet’s tenured and talented team is at the heart of our approach to partnership and tangible success. The company is headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, with our Pointer Innovation Center (PIC) in Israel and field offices around the globe. For more information, please visit www.powerfleet.com.

Pointer Innovations Center (PIC)

Just outside Tel Aviv, in a town called Rosh Ha’ayin, sits the engine of our innovation and creativity – Powerfleet’s Pointer Innovation Center (PIC). Translated from Hebrew Rosh Ha’ayin means head of the fountain – which is apt considering many of the world-class solutions we sell around the world originate at our very own ‘head of the fountain’. 

We have been doing business and innovating in Israel for over 20 years. It’s the home of our telematics engineering and software development teams. And with over 250,000 subscribers in Israel alone, these solutions get tested in some of the most challenging environments in the world when it comes to IoT connected car, asset tracking, and security. 

If you visit us in Israel, you will see more than 200 team members hard at work and focused on creating the next generation of IoT solutions for global fleets. If you zoom in closer, you’ll see our Pointer team connecting IoT-enabled defibrillators around the country and saving lives, working with farmers to usher in the next generation of sustainable crop management, or using AI-enabled driver safety programs to reduce accidents and lower liability. They’re constantly pushing the envelope with what is possible.

Israel is always ranked near the top of the most innovative economies in the world – largely driven by their high-tech industry. And a core part of the PIC is incubating strategic partnerships with new technology providers in Israel to keep you ahead of the IoT game. 

When you visit our Innovation Center (you are always welcome), you can feel the entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and passion and what it means when we say People Powered IoT.

Pointer Connect

Pointer Connect™ is the complete solution for fleet and asset owners, addressing all your operational or business needs. The business and operational insights provided by our advanced analytics SaaS solutions will allow you to streamline and harmonize every aspect of your business-critical operations and put you in complete control of your mobile resources.

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