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Cloud-based MRM solution, transforming all your critical data points into actional insights, boosting your business performance.

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Optimize Your Mobile Resources

Pointer provides you with a range of tools, technologies, and services to optimize your fleets, mobile assets, and cargo. Our innovative and reliable cloud-based software platform extracts and captures all your organization’s critical data points – from your office, drivers, routes, logistic network, vehicles, trailers, containers, and cargo. It then takes the next and most important step, and analyzes it, converting raw data into valuable information. What you get are actionable insights. The kind that substantially impact your bottom line to help you not only sustain your business but profitably grow it.

Productivity & Efficiency

Pointer will provide you with Increased visibility into your operations. You’ll have not just raw data, but also actionable insights so that you can continually increase your operational efficiency, which in turn goes straight to your bottom-line performance.

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Asset management

Pointer provides a complete asset maintenance platform, by providing a set of tools to successfully track and remotely manage the location, usage profile, security aspects and health of transportation equipment or valuable mobile and fixed assets.

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With Pointer, every driver and vehicle are uniquely identified within the system, with profiles constantly updated with real-time information. Pointer can also be integrated with third-party systems and solutions, to enhance profiles and calculate hours of service.

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Fuel Management

Fuel is your fleet’s largest single source of operating cost. And as such, fuel consumption and fuel fraud deserve special attention. Pointer provides management solutions to help you track driving behaviors that are negatively impacting your fleet’s fuel economy and provides actionable insights on how to reduce consumption.

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Safety & Eco Driving

Accidents can damage lives and property, delay cargo deliveries and increase insurance fees, making driver safety one of the biggest concerns for every fleet manager. Pointer’s safety solution can improve driver safety with the use of technological tools, enabling you to monitor, alert, and improve bad habits, before they cause devastating results.

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Pointer’s solution, using a wide variety of security applications suitable for direct interaction with the driver and/or alerting the fleet manager/control center, using track and trace fleet management solutions, distinctly addresses challenges related to robbery, theft, and stolen vehicle recovery.

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Delivering IoT Innovation

We provide everything you need to generate faster data-driven insights from your connected things. Giving you the right information at the right time to power your operations.

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What is “Connecting the Dots”?

Pointer enables you to seamlessly process information and data, clearly showing you when “action is needed”. We give you the power and control to prevent accidents and breakdowns before they even happen, by providing you and your drivers with real-time notifications. We improve your cash flow, by ensuring peak fleet utilization while lowering fuel costs and verifying your cargo conditions are optimized.
We help you connect all the dots and rise above the noise – providing you with key insights to make better business decisions.

“The Avis App combined with a totally connected fleet is the future of mobility. With the success of our initial 50,000-unit deployment, we are pleased to expand our relationship with PowerFleet to utilize its connected car solution on over one-third of our North American fleet. Our ‘connected cars’ allow us to significantly improve our customer’s rental experience by giving our customers more control and choice of their vehicle using their mobile device. We also improve their vehicle return experience by automating the check-in process. As a mobility services provider, connected car technology not only streamlines the rental experience for our customers but allows us to drive operational efficiencies.”

Gerard Insall
Chief Information Officer of Avis Budget Group

Pointer Connect

Pointer Connect™ is the complete solution for fleet and asset owners, addressing all your operational or business needs. The business and operational insights provided by our advanced analytics SaaS solutions will allow you to streamline and harmonize every aspect of your business-critical operations and put you in complete control of your mobile resources.

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